Filecoin oracle on Ethereum

A short article on how we implemented a proof of concept for a Filecoin oracle on Ethereum during PL hack week.

How to build a liquidator bot for DeFi

A short article on how liquidations take place in practice on Ethereum when asset prices change.

Adaptive Bitrate Streaming with DVR using Wowza Streaming Engine and OSMF Grind Player

A short article explaining how to configure Wowza Media Server and produce a live video stream with adaptive bit rate.

Rails 3 Nested Form for Single Table Inheritance associations

A few weeks ago we had to implement a CRUD form in Rails for a model utilizing Rails’ single table inheritance associations.

Integrating Docker with Jenkins for continuous deployment of a Ruby on Rails application

For the past few weeks, I have been working on integrating Docker and Jenkins in order to improve the continuous integration workflow of a project I work on.

How to capture live video feed from an external HD camera and encode it for a live webcast?

In my previous blog post, I gave a high-level overview of the workflow when producing a live webcast for an event.

How to produce a live webcast for your event?

Producing a live webcast for an upcoming event is a complex job, which involves a few important tasks.

Using Docker and Vagrant on Mac OS X with a Ruby on Rails application

I have been following the development of Docker for the past few months.

Multiple file upload with HTML5 and RailsAdmin (Ruby on Rails)

Yesterday I spent a few hours working on adding multiple file upload capabilities to the administrative panel of a website I am working on.

Introduction to live video streaming with Wowza. Setting up an Edge-origin architecture.

The primary function of a streaming media server, used for the purpose of live video streaming, is to receive encoded live video stream from a remote streaming machine, and to deliver it to numerous clients on the Internet.